IMS 1998 Presented Papers

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23 The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Manufacturing
A. Vella
151 An Expert System for Designing Machine
U. Karabicak, V. Ucar
163 An Expert System for GT Cell Loading
I.H. Cedimoglu, O. Torkul, M. Dorduncu
42 Learning Rules from Numerical Data by Combining Geometric and Graph Theoretic Approach
S. Kundu, J. Chen
71 Expert Systems for Defining Reliable Knowledge Period
S. Ersoz, B. Toklu
127 Cell Formation Using Reserved Induction
O. Torkul, M.S. Aksoy, I.H. Cedimoglu
164 Determination of Earthquake Damage on RC Structures Using Neural Network
M. Elmas, N. Çağlar, N. Mert
49 Expert System for Electric Motor Trouble Diagnosis
E. Allahverdi, A.IA. Shobair, N. Yavuz
148 Multi-Agent Techniques in Holonic Manufacturing Systems
T. Zhang, K. Stanley, M.H. Smith, W.A. Gruver
165 Parameters Estimation in Wastewater Treatment Using Inductive Laerning
B. Sengorur, M.S. Aksoy, N. Oz
82 Can in Automation and Manufacturing Systems
H. Ekiz, E. Koklukaya, O. Gurdal
156 Statistics of Neighbouring Grey Level Diferences (NGLD-1) for Texture Analysis and Classification
B.G. Cetiner
157 Texture Classification Using Neighbouring Grey Level Diferences (NGLD-2) Method and Artificial Neural Networks
B.G. Cetiner
162 Fuzzy Control of Work Procces Inventory in a Middle Scale Manufacturing Line
M. Col, O. Torkul
12 A Fuzzy Logic Application on Noise Reduction and Comparision with Spectral Subtraction Method
M. Brown
25 Design of Fuzzy Logic System Based on Gradiant Method
C. Sonmez, M. Alci, Y. Becerikli
43 The Structure of Fuzzy Preference and Similarity Relations
S. Kundu
81 A Fuzzy Logic Application for Load-Frequency Control in Power Systems
M.K. Eker, I.H. Altas
154 Fuzzy Logic Control of Blood Pressure with Isofluorane During Anaesthesia
v A. Yardimci, S. Comlekci, T. Aydogan, A. Cakir
155 System Modeling with Fuzzy Granularity
I.B. Turksen
161 Fuzzy Logic Controlling for Hydraulic Turbine Regulation
S. Comlekci, T. Aydogan, A. Cakir, A. Yardimci
87 An Approach to Fuzzy Decision Making in Cell Formation Problem
Z. Gungor
18 Fuzzy Logic Based Sonar Modeling and Localization
K. Demirli, I.B Turksen
46 The Importance of Fuzziness in Fuzzy Logic Controllers
I.H. Atlas
78 Calculation of Decision Errors by Multi-Universe Fuzzy Decision Theory
T. Ciftcibasi
95 Direct Decomposed Rule Base Fuzzy Logic Systems
G. Maabreh, E. Adali
16 A Study About Parallel GA Based on Butterfly Topology
F. Taghiyareh, H. Nagahashi
44 An Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Over the Cell Channel Routing Problem
A. Acan, A. Unveren
102 Genetic Algorithms Solution Formulation of Rainfall Occurrences
A. Oztopal, Z. Sen
133 Genetic Algorithms Using Multi- Objective in a Multi-Agent System
J.P. Vacer, T. Galinho, A. Cardon
135 Affine Scaling Genetic-Scatter-Tabu (ASGST) Search : A Hybrid of Modern Heuristics and Interior Point Methods
T.B. Trafalis, S. Kasap
54 Compensation of Saturation Non-Linearity in Self Tuning Controller with Geneti Algorithm
M. Ture, F.N. Akan, S. Ari
73 The Simulation of Chaotic Neuron Model Proposed for Chaotic Neural Networks
R. Kilic, M. Alci, M. Tokmakci
92 A Study on the C++ Class Restructuring Using the Enhanced ART Algorithm
K.B. Kim, H.K Yang, J.H. Lee, E.Y. Cha
104 Artificial Neural Network Approach for Natural Atmospheric Event Dynamics and Application in Meteorology
I. Sonmez, Z. Sen
80 Artificial Neural Networks Techniques for Dynamic Weighing Systems
M. Danacı, H.R. Ozcalik, M.S. Aksoy
99 Vizualization of Learning and Topology in Artificial Neural Networks
O. Oz, A. Istanbullu, R. Gunturkun
47 Prediction of the Contour Line in Meteorology Using GMDH Algorithm
N. Acir, B.S. Tezekici
100 Calculation of Resonant Frequency of Circular Microstrip Antenna with a Dielectric Layer Using Artificial Neural Networks
S. Sagiroglu, K. Guney, M. Erler
130 Estimation of Aircraft Aerodynamic Coefficients Using Neural Networks
A. Savran, R. Tasaltin
91 A Biological Fuzzy Multilayer Perceptron Algorithm
K.B. Kim, K.W. Lee, E.Y. Cha
103 Lake Level Modeling by Neural Fuzzy Method and Application
H. Tatli, Z. Sen
158 On The Applicability of Compensatory Neurofuzzy Technology to Automated Landing of Unmanned Aircrafts
A. Kandel
159 Numberplate Recognition Using Inductive Learning
M.S. Aksoy, G. Cagil, A.K. Turker
86 Linear Antenna Array Design by Using a Modified Genetic Algorithm
K. Guney, A. Akdagli, N. Karaboga
88 Implementing an Intelligent System in a Variable 3D Occluded Environment
E. Inelmen
152 An Application of SmartCard: İTÜKART
A.C. Sonmez, T. Ozcay
166 Feature Recognition System by Artificial Intelligent Approach
M.C. Kayacan, S.A. Celik, T. Aydogan
4 An Application of Design Optimization Based on Neural Network
C. Celik, D. Derdiyok
9 Soft-Decision Trellis Decoding of Augmented Multi-Dimensional Codes
L. Kaya, M.A. Iqbal
67 Structuring of the SMDMnet: A Design Inference Network for Mechatronic Systems
Z. Erden, A. M. Erkmen, A. Erden
69 Decision Making in Manufacturing : A Concurrent Engineering Approach
S. Ozkul, T. Cakar, I. Cil
84 Configuring for Responsive Manufacturing
N.Z. Gindy, S.M. Saad
119 Engineering Smart Data Mining Systems for Internet Aided Design and Manufacturing
C.H. Dagli, H.C. Lee
150 An Application of Group Technology Cell Formation at the Gear Pump Factory
U. Kocabicak, T. Kurtay, A. Aslan, M. Ozsoy
27 Flow-Network Approach to Materials Requirement Planning
M.M. Yenisey
53 A Metodology for Synthesis of Petri-Nets-Base Supervisory Controllers for Manufacturing Systems Part II- An Application
M. Uzam, A.H. Jones
134 Painting Applications on Robots and a Special Case : Glass Brick Painting
E. Tahrali, A.C. Sonmez


15 Optimal Design of a Simple Flexible Assembly System by Adam-Evelike Genetic Algorithm
S.A. Feyzbakhsh, M. Matsui
74 A Framework for the Reconfiguration of Cellular Manufacturing Systems
A. Baykasoglu, N.Z. Gindy, S.M. Saad
107 Fuzzy Control of AGV
A. Derdiyok, B.Soysal, N.Inanc, V.Ozbulur
13 Simplification of Structure of a Neuro-Fuzzy Controller
A. Babaev, S. Ari
21 Intelligent Optimal Control with Dynamic Neural Networks
A.F. Konar, Y. Becerikli, T. Samad
24 Application of Artificial Neural Network Control to Power Generators
A. Onduk, Y. Uyaroglu, C. Oz, H.Atabek, N. Yumusak
149 Control of a Nonlinear Bioreactor Using the Sliding Mode Control Techniques
A. Derdiyok
153 Composer Design for EDI
A. Yılmaz, E. Adalı
39 Design of an I/O Card to Drive Stepper Motors for Computer Aided Control of a Robot Arm
O. Gurdal, M. Albayrak
140 Using Fuzzy Measures tı Increase the Benefits of Advanved Manufacturing Technologies
C. Kubat
142 Intelligent Control of a Porcelain Factory Subsystem
O. Taylan, H. Taskin
143 Optimal and Fuzzy Optimal Control in a Refenery Unit (FCC) Under the Computer Integrated Processing Concept
M. Zeydan, H. Taskin
76 Control of a Work Table for Seam Welder Using State-Space and Optimal Control Method
R. Burkan, I. Uzmay, A. Albostan
120 Neural Network Based Harmonic Estimation and Compensation in Power Systems
M. Bayrak, E.M. Yegin, A.S. Yılmaz
123 Magnetic Suspension of Iron Sphere by Fuzzy Logic Control System
O. Gurdal, Z. Erdem
5 Comparative Study of Texture Classification Using Various Wavelet Schemes
G. Cetiner, A.S. Hasiloglu, M. Bayramoglu, R. Koker
59 Model Predictive Control of Baker’s Yeast Fermantation
Y. Hapcioglu, S. Yonsel, L. Dagasan, C. Posten, H. Dıncer
121 Production of Chopper Control Pulses with Artificial Neural Network
A. Ozdemir, M.S. Firat, M.A. Yalcin, Y. Uyaroglu
138 Control of Nonlinear Chemical Reactors by A Self Organizing Fuzzy Control Based on Fuzzy Relational Matrix
Z. Zeybek, M. Alpbaz, F. Aliev
34 Determination of Optimal Turret-Index Positions of Cutting Tools by Using Genetic Algorithms
T. Dereli, A. Baykasoglu, N.N.Z. Gindy, I.H. Filiz
65 Knowledge Base System Rule Design for Fault Diagnosing in CNC Machine Tools
F. Unsacar, N. Allahverdi, S. Halkaci
37 Computer Aided Control and Simulation of Robot Arm Moving in Three Dimension
O. Gurdal, M. Albayrak, T. Aydogan
38 A New Sensorless Speed Dedection in Induction Motors
O. Gurdal, O. Cesur
68 Parameter Identification for the Control of a Single Link Arm
C. Hajiyev, M. Gokasan, O.S. Bogosyan
118 Range Sensing by an Unconstrained and Continuously Moving Laser Scanner without Sensor-Head Pose Measurement
J. Kofman, G.K. Knopf
167 Modeling of Flip Flops with Min, Max Operated Fuzzy Gates
A. Demirkol, M. Uysal
168 A Model For The Successful Implementation Of Electronic Commerce Over The Internet In Manufacturing Industry
E. Gide, F. Soliman
169 Intelligent Use Of The Internet Commerce as a Competitive Advantage In Manufacturing
E. Gide, F. Soliman
170 Intelligent Manufacturing Management Through ‘Team Building’
F. Soliman, E. Gide
36 A Heuristic Approach Towards the Specification of the Route to Minimize the Time by Barcode Aided in Depot Product Collecting
N. Celikkol, S. Celikkol, L. Bulut
48 Timetabeling by Genetic Algorithm
D. Karaboga, A. Bagis
137 Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling Using Intelligent Agent
M.E. Aydin, E. Oztemel
11 On Using Fuzzy Expert Systems in the Cement Production Control
D. Panescu, S. Resmerita
35 Model-Based Autonomous Road Vehicle Navigation in Complex Road Networks
M. Ekinci, B.T. Thomas
125 Allocation of Component Types to Machines in Automated Production of Printed Circuit Boards
I. Or, E. Duman
55 A Knowledge-Based System Approach to Plant Layout Problem
O. Turkbey
64 A Structured Approach to Integrated Production Systems
M. Gundogan
105 Fuzzy Rule Based Modelling of Yıldız(Istırınca) Creek Reservoirs for Water Supply of Istanbul City
Z. Sen
17 Fuzzy Approach to Multi Objective Project Scheduling Under Uncertainty
M. Hapke, A. Jaszkiewicz, R. Slowinski
33 Importance of Process Planning in Integrated Manufacturing and its Future
T. Dereli, A. Belhi, P.J. Erard, I.H. Filiz
112 An Integrated Approach for Facility Layout Planning Using Expert System Shell
R. Yaman, D.T. Gethin
83 Simulation of Gaussian Potential Function Network for Approximation and Classification
C. Firat
93 Simulation of a Binary Distillation Column
I. Kirbaslar, N. Yagiz, M.L. Sevgili
144 Minimization of Total Flow Time with Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm in a Flow Line Manufacturing
H.R. Yazgan, G. Akkaya
31 An Application of Fuzzy Linear Goal Programming to Multiobjective Project Network Problem
F. Arikan, Z. Gungor
40 Stochastic Capital Rationing Using Fuzzy LP
C. Kahraman, Z. Ulukan
52 A Metodology for Synthesis of Petri-Nets-Based Supervisory Controllers for Manufacturing Systems : Part 1 – The Synthesis Procedure
M. Uzam, A.H. Jones
66 A Sensitivity Measure for a Derivative-Type, Electronic Controller and Calculating Optimum Parameter Tolerances
C. Erdal
19 An Approach Using Fuzzy Sets to Evaluation of Quality Performance of the Companies in Turkey
U. Cebeci, A. Beskese
50 Effect of Power Quality on Control Systems Capability
O. Gul, A. Kaymaz
114 Quality Control of Diodes by Using Artificial Neural Networks in the Manufacturing of GaAs Schottky Diodes
N. Yumusak, F. Temurtas, O. Cerezci, Z.Z. Ozturk
136 A Federated Expert System for Career Development
N. Erdogmus, G. Yildiz, E. Oztemel
147 Diagnosing and Curing Business Problems: A Fuzzy Decision Support Model
C. Albayrak, A. Toraman

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