IMS 2001 Presented Papers

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Invited Speakers Notes

3-Dimensional Curve Similarity Using String Matching
Wladimir Rodriguez, Mark Last, Abraham Kandel, Horst Bunke
Operations Research and Management Science Applications of Fuzzy Theory
I. Burhan Türkşen
IMS -The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Initiative
Robin J. Braithwaite

Papers Presented

Production / Process Planning I

Integration of CAD and Generative CAPP Based on Feature Technology
Janusz Pobozniak
A Constraint Based Operation Sequencing For A Knowledge-Based Process Planning
Cevdet Göloğlu
Concurrent Engineering Utilities For Controlling Interactions in Process Planning
Türkay Dereli, Adil Baykaşoğlu
Controller Area Network (CAN) for Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Nilüfer Çenesiz, Murat Esin
An Integrated Real Time MRP and Group Technology System
O. Torkul, İ. Çallı

Scheduling I

An Assembly Sequence Planning with an Ordered List of Task Representations
Cem Sinanoğlu, Eyüp Sabri Topal
Fuzzy Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Flow Shop Scheduling
İzzettin Temiz, Serpil Erol
An Extension to Path Algebra Applications in Shortest Path Problem to Solve Sequencing Problem
Mustafa Yurdakul, George R. Wilson
Knowledge Based Scheduling for Complex Systems
Ercan Öztemel, Hatice Kolay


Simulation Based Optimization of Cycle Time And Green Splitsmat Critical Intersections
Ahmet Akbas, Mehmet Tektaş
Optimisation of Resistive Loading of EMI/EMC Near Field Probe
Selçuk Çömlekçi, Şükrü Özen, Etem Köklükaya
Finite Elements Analysis and Application Work for a Plastic Injected Experimental Part
Babür Özçelik, Tuncay Erzurumlu, Murat Büyük
Sliding Mode Control of Three Dimensional Jointed Manipulator for Constraint Path
Recep Burkan, İbrahim Uzmay
Fuzzy Modeling of the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF)
Harun Taşkın, Cemalettin Kubat, Recep Artır, Ayten Yılmaz

Control I

Training of Fuzzy Systems Based on Gradient Algorithms and Performance Comparison
Musa Alcı, Aydoğan Savran
Straight-Line Trajectory Generation and Inverse Dynamic Control of the Three Dimensional Jointed Manipulator
Recep Burkan, İbrahim Uzmay
Straight-Line Trajectory Generation and Inverse Dynamic Control of Two-Link Planar Manipulator
Recep Burkan, İbrahim Uzmay
Joint Space Trajectory Generation and Adaptive Control of the Three Dimensional Jointed Manipulator
İbrahim Uzmay, Recep Burkan
Neurocontrol of Air Speed of a HVAC Experimental Room
Ahmet Emin Kuzucuoğlu, Burhanettin Can, Hasan Erdal

Decision Making

Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to Improve Human Performance: an Application of Multiple Criteria Decision Making Problem
Esra Albayrak, Yasemin Claire Erensal
Development of a New Dioid Algebraic Model for Manufacturing Systems with The Scheduling Decision Making Capability
Mustafa Yurdakul, Nicholas G. Odrey
Parallel Inference in Dynamic Decision Support Systems of a Semiotic Type
Vagin V.N., Allahverdi N., Tütüncü K., Saraçoğlu R., Sulak S.A.

Scheduling II

Decomposition and Control by Workstation Controllers in a Flow-Shop by Using Dioid Algebra
Mustafa Yurdakul, Nicholas G. Odrey
Teams of Autonomous Agents for Job-Shop Scheduling Problems
Mehmet Emin Aydın
Fuzzy Priority Value (FPV) for Scheduling
Yavuz Burak Canbolat, Emin Gundoğar
The Strategies and Parameters of Tabu Search Technique For Job-Shop Scheduling
Faruk Geyik, İsmail Hakkı Cedimoğlu

Theories I

Assembly’s Graph of Connection is Described by Contact Matrices and its Computer Representation
Cem Sinanoğlu, H. Rıza Börklü
Determination of Membership Functions in Multiple Input-Output Fuzzy Systems by Genetic Algorithms
Mehmet Kaya, Ali Karci, Ahmet Arslan

Control II

A Simulational Comparison of Intelligent Control Algorithms on a Direct Drive Manipulator
Ertugrul Akbas, E. Murat Esin
Identification of Double Armature Brushless Dc Linear Motor Based on Neural Networks
Recep Demirci
Real -Time Control of Double Armature Brushless Dc Linear Motor
Recep Demirci
Speed Management of AC Motors by Using Artificial Neural Network Algorithms
Şaban Yilmaz, Mahit Güneş, Şaban Ergün


An Intelligent System for Supporting Concurrent Design of Complex Mechanical Parts
A. Gayretli, R. Farr
Participative Approach to Ergonomics Implementation in Work Systems Design
Ahmet Bagis, Mustafa Atmaca
Simulation Aided Design of Organisational Structures in Manufacturing Systems Using Structuring Strategies
Gert Zülch, Thomas Bogus, Halil Ibrahim Koruca, Cahit Kurbanoglu,
Bernd Brinkmeier
A Knowledge Based Ship Design Method
Şebnem Helvacıoğlu, Mustafa İnsel

Learning Applications

An Industrial Visual Inspection System that Uses Inductive Learning
M.S. Aksoy, O. Torkul, I.H. Cedimoglu
The Use of Artificial Neural Networks and Rules3 Inductive Learning Algorithm in Lighting and Choise of Electric Lamps
Tarık Çakar, Raşit Köker, Bilgehan Yalçın
Ann Modelling for Predicting Evaporation on the Lake Egridir from Daily Time Series
Hüsnü Demirpençe
Object Recognition Based on Moment Invariants Using Artificial Neural Networks
Raşit Köker, Cemil Öz, Abdullah Ferikoğlu

Education / Training

Graduate Course Adviser (an Expert System Application)
Veysi Öztürk, Coşkun Sönmez
The High Level Architecture (HLA) for Distributed Simulations
Ahmet Zengin, Hüseyin Ekiz, Cüneyd Fırat
A Proposed Model for Intelligent Assistance at Web Based Training
Ali Gürbüz, Mehmet Özbek
Technological Intelligence, Competitive Strategies And Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: an Application Study With Fuzzy Logic
Harun Taskin, Eren Ersin, Mehmet Riza Adali

Control III

Fuzzy Logic Modelling for Predicting the Mean Daily Temperature From a Time Series
Hüsnü Demirpençe
Fuzzy Control of HVAC System
Hasan Erdal, Burhanettin Can
Fuzzy Logic Controller for The ITU Triga Mark-II Reactor
Erbil Akbay, Burhanettin Can, A.Fevzi Baba
Fuzzy Logic Controller for Liquid Level System
Erkan Kaplanoğlu, A.Fevzi Baba
An Application of Fuzzy Logic for the Determination of the Gas Concentrations
Fevzullah Temurtaş, Cihat Taşaltın, Nejat Yumuşak, Mehmet Ali Ebeoğlu,
Zafer Ziya Öztürk

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management in Engineerıng (KME) and an Application On Mechatronic Systems
Durmuş Karayel, S. Serdar Özkan, Rüstem Keleş
Ever Km: a Knowledge Management Model
Ercan Öztemel, Evren Aksoy

Production / Process Planning II

Analysis of Multi-Production Planning in Case of the Random Demand
Müjde Erol Genevois, Hüseyin Emre
Simulation of a Fuzzy Continuous Review Inventory Control System
Sakir Esnaf
An Approach to Determine Geometric Feasibility to Assembly States by Intersection Matrices in Assembly Sequence Planning
Cem Sinanoğlu, H. Rıza Börklü

Theories II

Parallel and Neural Systems
Askin Demirkol
Learning Associations Between Natural Groups of Input and Output with a Neurofuzzy Structure
Özge Uncu, I.B. Türksen
A Fuzzy System Modeling Algorithm for Data Analysis and Approximate Reasoning
Kemal Kilic, Beth A. Sproule, I. Burhan Türksen, Claudio A. Naranjo

Miscellaneous I

State of Art of Fault Diagnosis Technologies
Hakan Çalış, Abdülkadir Çakır
Algorithms for Part Nesting and Scene Analysis
İbrahim Soğukpinar, Eşref Adali
Investigation of Forced Convection in a Duct with Artificial Neural Network
İsmail Ekmekçi, Mehmet Çoban, Akif Kurt, Nedim Sozbir, Salim Ozcelebi

Clustring / Data Analysis

Adaptation of Fuzzy Classiffier to D.C. Motors Based on Neural Network
Zafer Demir, Askin Demirkol
Comparison of OR and AI Methods in Discrete Manufacturing Using Fuzzy Logic
Cemalettin Kubat, Harun Taşkın, Bayram Topal, Safiye Turgay
Fuzzy Functional Sets for Object Qualification
Constantin Marin, Ecaterina-Daniela Marin
A General Framework for Intelligent Data Mining
Bayram Topal

Miscellaneous II

An Approach To University Student and Personnel Follow up with the Barcode System
Ismail Dalay, Soner Celikkol, Ufuk Coskun
Determination and Exchange of Supply Information for Co-Operation in Complex Production Networks
Thomas M. Rupp, Mihailo Ristic
Investigation of Center of Mass by Using Magic Squares and its Possible Engineering Applications
Asker-Ali Abiyev, Adil Baykasoğlu, Türkay Dereli, Hüseyin Filiz, Azer Abiyev

Miscellaneous III

Smart Card Applications Overview and a Proposal for Integrating Driving License Card With Citizenship Card
Bahar (Alakent) Karaoğlan, Kayhan Erciyes
A Framework for e-Commerce
Cosmina Ivan
Capability Based Scattered Layout Approach for Highly Volatile Manufacturing Environments
Adil Baykasoğlu, Türkay Dereli
Determination of Introduction Time of a New Product in Liquid Detergent Production to Market by Means of an Expert System
Süleyman Ersöz

Control IV

On Methods for Improving the Performance of Pd – Type Fuzzy Logic Controller for Position Control
Ibrahim B. Kucukdemiral, Galip Cansever
Petri Nets Based Supervisor Design for Programmable Logic Controller
Galip Cansever, Y. M. Li, I. B. Kucukdemiral, A. H. Jones
A Study of Neural Network Based Inverse Kinematics Solution for a 3-Joint Robot
Raşit Köker, Cemil Öz, Tarık Çakar
Intelligent Interfaces for Industrial Control
E. Murat Esin, Savaş Öztürk
An Agent-Based Conflict Management System for Co-Operative Design Environment
A. Gayretli, S. Kucukgokoglan

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