General Overview


8th International Symposium on Intelligent and Manufacturing Systems
27-28 September 2012

Organized By

Sakarya University - Department of Industrial Engineering (Turkey)


TUBITAK, Akdeniz University, Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Duzce University, Gaziantep University, Hasan Kalyoncu University

Academic Sponsors

IFSA (International Fuzzy System Association), BUSIDE, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, University of Toronto, University of California, University of South Florida

Symposium Topics

  • AI Philosophy and Technologies, Agent Based Systems
  • Advanced Production and Machining Systems
  • Business Intelligence and Enterprise Systems
  • Computational Intelligence in Manufacturing and Production Systems
  • Data Mining (Crisp and Fuzzy), Decision Support Systems and Applications
  • Ergonomics and Human Resources Management in Health Systems
  • Fuzzy Systems Developments and Applications, Fuzzy-Neural- Genetic Integration
  • Human Technology and Society, Intelligent Crossroad Systems
  • Innovative Design and Technologies, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Robotics
  • Intelligent Disaster and Crises Management
  • Intelligent System Modeling for Economics and Finance
  • Intelligent Information Systems and Knowledge Based Manufacturing Strategies
  • Intelligent Management of Government and Municipal Systems
  • Lean /Agile / Holistic Manufacturing, Intelligent Traffic Control Center
  • Logistics and Transportation Systems, Supply Chain Management
  • Nano Technologies and Nano Manufacturing, Traffic Monitoring Systems
  • Novel Strategies for Natural Sciences and Technologies, Traffic Information Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems, Signal Processing, Network Management Systems
  • Production/ Operation Management in Planning and Control
  • Quality Control and Management, Systems Modeling and Simulation
  • Reverse Engineering, Unmanned Factories
  • Virtual Worlds of Production and Service Systems

Keynote Speakers

İ.B. Türkşen, Z. Şen

Invited Speakers

Andrew Kusiak, M.H. Fazel Zarandi, Vesa Niskanen, Hamid R. Arabnia, Mohamed Dessouky, Maged Dessouky

Panel Discussions

Panel: "Autonomous Service and Manufacturing Systems"
Panelists: İ. Burhan Türkşen, Zekai Şen, Andrew Kusiak, Mohamed Dessouky, Maged Dessouky, Hamid Arabnia, Vesa Niskanen, M.H. Fazel Zarandi

Special Sessions

  • Special Session 1: İ.B. Türkşen
    “Type 2 Fuzzy System Models”
  • Special Session 2: Zekai Şen
    “Fundamentals Of Uncertainty”
  • Special Session 3: Mohamed Dessouky
    “Trends and Challenges in Industrial Engineering”
  • Special Session 4: Maged Dessouky
    “The Role of Industrial Engineering Research in Addressing Important Societal Problems”
  • Special Session 5: Hamid R. Arabnia
    “A Bio-Inspired Communication System With Application in Knowledge Engineering & Big Data”
  • Special Session 6: Vesa Niskanen
    “On Truth Valuation within the Fuzzy Systems”
  • Special Session 7: Andrew Kusiak
    “Process Modeling, Control, and Condition Monitoring: A Data-Driven Approach”
  • Special Session 8: M.H. Fazel Zarandi
    “Computational Intelligence from Crisp to Type-II Fuzzy Systems Modeling: A Semantic Analysis”


The symposium was held in Akdeniz University Adrasan Training And Application Centre, Antalya/Turkey.

Adrasan Tour

  • Departure from Adrasan Training Center to Kumluca (Greenhouses Town)
  • From Kumluca to Finike (Orange Gardens Town)
  • From Finike to Demre (Myra Ancient City-Hollow caves at the mountains and Santa Claus) - Üç Ağız (Lunch in very nice coastal town, after Sightseeing to the Sunken City (Batık Şehir) by boat) - Ulupınar (fish feast under waterfalls)
  • Move to Çıralı, Stepped up the hill walking routes to Yanar Taş (Lit Stone) (the first Olympic fire)

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TUBITAK Akdeniz University Gaziantep University Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University Duzce University Hasan Kalyoncu University


International Fuzzy Systems Association TOBB University of Economics and Technology University of Toronto University of California University of South Florida Fuzzy Systems Association